2013 C-5A Galaxy 69-0014 Arrival

Lockheed Martin C-5A Galaxy 69-0014 finally broke through the clouds on August 7, 2013 on its last flight from Memphis, TN. It was a sight everyone at the museum was anxious to see as the plane's arrival had been delayed for several months. With the A-model's familiar engine whine, it made a slow pass over runway 32 and finally made one last right banking turn to come in for its final landing.

The C-5 will be on permanent static display at the Air Mobility Command Museum, the only museum in the world to house the largest aircraft in the U.S. Air Force's inventory.

In 1971, 69-0014 was the first factory delivered C-5A to arrive at Dover AFB, DE. It also participated in testing the feasibility of air launching an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile). In addition to its Dover AFB (436th MAW) assignment, it has been to Travis AFB, CA (60th MAW and 60th AMW), Altus AFB, OK (443d AW and 97th AMW), and Lackland AFB, TX (433d AW). Its last assignment was with the Tennessee ANG in Memphis, TN (164th AW).

In the news: CNN, Dover Post

Arrival video: Facebook, YouTube

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